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Captura began with the Captura Founder Club – who believes that with encouragement and hard work anyone can move to a better life. This belief is articulated through the Captura vision of helping and educating people to live healthy lives. Our vision and Founder’s Principles guide us on how we do business and drive our behaviours around our distributors , customers and neighbours in communities.

Captura Founder Club brings an additional level of expertise and strategic oversight to the organization. This Group is comprised of experts in sales and marketing, product training programs, distributors training programs, health awareness seminars and events etc. Their collective expertise positions the organization for continued success in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace.

Captura Founder Club is even responsible for the company's marketing strategy & resources, business & marketing materials and company's sales & profit performance.

Founder Club

Sandeep Prasad

Sandeep Prasad

After playing key roles in various direct selling companies and advisor for decades, Sandeep Prasad laid the foundation stone of Captura, which he is leading successfully with his unmatched product knowledge expertise and business acumen. Also an outstanding sales, marketing, and operations professional, and a renowned motivator, Sandeep Prasad, through his resilient leadership skills, is continuously leading Captura in bringing new practices and is training thousands of people every year through his specially crafted training programmes for direct selling professionals as well as product training programs.